By: Destiny Oshodin Reporter

It’s hard raising kids these days. There are a lot of challenges when building a family. It’s expensive, time consuming, and there are too many dangers out there.

After you have kids you have to provide for all of your children’s needs. There are tons of responsibilities for mothers. Single moms tend to have more trouble raising a family by themselves because it’s harder to provide everything they need.

“The most challenging thing when building a family is fulfilling my children’s needs and wants,” said Gwen Readus, a single mother of five kids.

It’s not easy to raise kids yourself. They might need things for school or clothes, but the single moms may struggle to provide all of that for her kids.

Scott teacher Molli Maulucci, a married mom with two kids, said, “coordinating schedules and dealing with different personalities,” is her biggest challenge.moms1

It’s hard when trying to do things with your kids, participate in their events, and spend time with your husband, knowing that you have to work and rearrange time schedules.

Mrs. Herrick, a married mom said, “letting your child go and letting them be independent,” is her greatest challenge.

It’s hard when your child is all grown up and going to college because then you have to say goodbye before they leave. They are an adult going to pursue their dreams now. It’s not going to be the same when they aren’t with you.

Mrs. Archer another married mom replied, “knowing that my daughter is watching everything I do,” is a challenge.

You are your child’s role model, so anything you do, your child will copy off of you.

Sometimes when you get married, you have to change or adjust to your family life depending on if you are married to someone that already has kids.

Mrs. Archer said, “In order for me to adjust to my family life, I had to adapt my spending habits, trips, activities with friends, and spending time with my husband’s friends and family.”

Mrs. Maulucci replied, “I sacrifice a lot. All my time isn’t dedicated to myself, it’s more for my family.”

Both single moms and married moms have a difficult job to do. They have the same responsibilities. The only difference is that married moms often have help from their husbands.