By: Caleb Green Reporter

With the election season over, the American people have their new president-elect. Some are extremely happy, however others are less optimistic.trump1

People around the country have shown their own reactions varying from private depression to social media outcry. Even students who were not eligible to vote have their own opinion on the matter.

No matter where you go, the election is the topic. Facebook is no exception.. Students all over are using Facebook as an outlet to deploy their opinion on others. Some even voice their opinions to their classmates or teachers in school.

Some people are so upset they are even talking about execution. “Honestly I believe that he will be assassinated. I strongly believe that he won’t make it through his whole term” says Ny’Ashia Davis who is a student at Scott High School. “I have a feeling someone is going to kill him,” says Desi Oshodin, another student of Scott.

Whether or not you believe he is the right electee, he needs to be given a chance or else the U.S could be facing high civil unrest if something were to happen.

“Everyone is tripping but Trump isn’t really president ‘till January 20, 2017,” says Unique Smith.

Ceairiah Gammer believes it’s “crazy and unbelievable.” She fears for Trump’s presidency and said, “If I was eighteen years old, please believe I would vote for Hillary Clinton because if anything Hillary would make America great again. I’m so scared for the future because I think Donald is gonna come up with some crazy things.”

“Crazy things.” It’s terrible that the youth feel scared of the new president. What about the young kindergartners or first graders who may have heard about the things Trump has said. They may look at the president in a completely different way from now on compared to kids who may have grown up with President Obama.

Some did not want Trump to be president because of all the laws and regulations that he has talked about changing, including laws about abortion. “What if someone got raped? They probably wouldn’t want to keep the child or have to explain that their child’s dad is a rapist,” said Jasiah Nelums.  

Although others have a more optimistic outlook.trump2

“We are supposed to be uniting as one [country],” says Samone Smith.“I think that, with Donald Trump being the president, things will not be as bad as people think or say.”

With our country divided, now is the time for unity. Students in a not so racially balanced school are balanced in the election results. People who have not even voted still have different views and opinions, which is important for the growth of this country we call home.