By:Camaron Thomas Reporter

Why do people bully?

People bully others because they might be taking anger out on others who don’t deserve it. “People might bully others to get attention,” said Amani Foster, a homeschooled student. They could be getting bullied by someone older than them, like a sister or brother. They could be going through some issues and are trying to put the stress on someone else.

People don’t deserve to get bullied just because they’re different. When people see someone being bullying1bullied, they should feel sad for them.” If I see someone getting bullied, it would break my heart to see an innocent civilian getting bullied,” said Hosanna Peoples, a student at Bowsher High School. People didn’t do anything to the bully. “Just because they’re not exactly like everyone else, they shouldn’t have to put up with bullies.”

If people see someone being bullied, they should stick up for them. “When someone is getting bullied, we should make the bully stop,” said Shakayla Waters. Tell the bully to leave them alone. If the bullying continues, a teacher should be told.

“I would look out for the person being bullied. If it gets totally out of control, I would go to the principal,” said Shakayla Waters.

People can do lots of things to stop bullying from happening.

“We should have everyone come together to stand up against bullies,”  Waters said. They could start an anti-bullying club, where  groups of kids go around and stop anyone who’s bullying others. They could start a petition drive, where they could have a whole bunch of people sign it and take steps to stop bullying before it starts.