By: Ny’Ashia Davis Reporter

Almost every school year, Scott hires a new teacher, and we, here at, don’t think students take the time to get to know them. So we took the pleasure of interviewing several  of the new teachers to get to know them a little more personally.

Mr. De Yarman is a first year teacher at Scott High School.

Mr. De Yarman is a first-year teacher at Scott High School.

Bret De Yarman, 23, is a new social studies teacher at Scott High School. He teaches American Government and Economics.

When De Yarman is not at school, he likes to rides motorcycles, watch movies, read books, play games, run, swim, and spend time with his family. He is very close to his family.

At least we know he likes to have fun.

For high school, he attended Sylvania Southview. For college, he attended Ohio State University for his undergraduate and UT for his Masters in Education.

He has not always wanted to be a teacher De Yarman said, “you learn a lot about yourself in college, and I am satisfied with the path I have chosen”.  He says that if he were to choose a  different career, he’d choose to be a police officer.

However, he chose to work at Scott High and he doesn’t regret it. He loves working with kids or adolescents. De Yarman said, “They think in such a unique way that it’s refreshing. The students have taught me more here than I would have learned anywhere else. Every school has different challenges and Scott has a great staff and student body” .

Mr. De Yarman is a bright and understanding teacher.  He’s on time, he dresses appropriately, and he laughs with the students in class, but he also knows when to draw a line. Students know when not to cross said line and when enough is enough.

Mr.De Yarman is the definition of respectful. I guess you’re just going to have to see it to believe it.

He tries his best to help his students in his classes and he never shows up to class with an attitude.

I believe that students like De Yarman because he’s young and can relate to most of their problems. It wasn’t that long ago that he, too, was in high school.

Every day in class, De Yarman asks his students about their day, and they happily give him an answer.

He takes his time in teaching and he doesn’t move to a new topic until the whole class has an understanding of what he’s teaching.

Mr. De Yarman isn’t the type of teacher who makes his students work in a textbook everyday. His students take notes, they have long conversations about the topic he’s teaching, and they always have a laugh.

Bret De Yarman is a hands on teacher. He walks around the classroom and helps every student who needs help. If a student needs extra help, he tries to see what he can do instead of telling a student “No.”

If every teacher was like Mr. De Yarman, then we might have more graduates and less repeaters. (But, it’s not always the teacher, it’s the student, too.)

With a bright and cheeky smile, Mr. De Yarman is a great teacher, hands down.