By: Jasiah M. Nelums Reporter

The girls basketball coaches believe that good hygiene is essential, and they require players to shower after practice. Not everyone believes this is necessary or even a good idea.

When Coach Shontelle was asked how she feels about the girls taking showers after practice, she said, “It’s a good idea. It gets them prepared for higher level playing. It also helps them get over their fear of being around other women.”


Shower in girls’ locker room. Photo courtesy of Scott Photography Club: Shonessy Henry.

The showers are not open. They are in individual stalls with curtains. Some players still feel like showering around other females is uncomfortable and sometimes it’s seen as an invasion of privacy. Others have more serious personal reasons behind not wanting to shower in the locker room.

There was a meeting at the beginning of the season at which the parents were required to sign a release for their daughters to take a shower. If the release wasn’t signed, the student could be removed from the team. Still, all of the parents are not in agreement with this policy and they should be key in making decision that impact their daughters.

The father of a former player does not like the idea of required after-practice showers, especially if the girls are heading home.

Another student athlete’s parents share that feeling. Brooklyn Harris 8th grade basketball player, said, “My parents think it’s nasty and feel that we can just come home and take a shower.”

It is often cold outside after practice because it is the winter season. Going outside with wet hair doesn’t seem like a good idea in these conditions.  Parents’ opinions should be taken into consideration. They should have a choice about whether or not they want their child coming outside in the cold when she is damp from the shower, risking getting a cold.

Trinity Bester, a junior varsity basketball player, said “It’s not needed for all, but some do need that shower after practice.” Maybe they should consider having certain players who feel they need a shower, take a shower. Other than that, they should be able to wait until they get home to take a shower.

Ny’Ashia Davis, student at Scott High School, thinks the post-practice shower is a good idea. She said, “I think you [basketball players] should [shower] because some smell like newborn puppies, but it should be an option and not a requirement.”

Coaches need to take into consideration the feelings of players and their parents before making such rash decisions.