By:Desi Oshodin reporter

Sisterhood is a bond between a group of women who always have each other’s backs through thick and thin.  A woman you would call a sister is there no matter what.

“A sister is a person you can trust and depend on through good and bad times,” added Christina Fletcher, Scott High School administrator.


From left: D’Asia Gover, Desi Oshodin, and Trinity Bester

Sisterhood isn’t just about being with a group of girls, it’s having a close bond with one another. Sisterhood can last forever because it’s rare and has a deeper connection than regular friendships.

“A sister doesn’t have to be blood related, but someone who shows loyalty, love, and respect,” said Melissa Zanny, Scott health teacher. As women, we need to have respect for one another and not tear each other down.

True sisterhood cannot be forced. It has to be developed with interest, patience, and time.  All sisters share secrets with each other. You have to really trust your sister in order to tell her things that she doesn’t know.

Not every woman will be your best friend, or should be invited in your inner circle, but every woman is deserving of your respect and support when you are able to provide it.

“There are tons of responsibilities for having a sister such as: looking out for each other, listening and giving good advice, reciprocating what your sister gives you, and making sure she does the right things,” stated Amy Marciniak, school librarian.

Also, sisters have to be willing to have tough conversations, pushing each other to better themselves, and humbling one another in their best interest.

Some girls say they hate their sisters, but they really love them. No matter what happens or what  they have been through, they will still be together. Especially if you are blood sisters, you need to have each other’s backs.