By: Camaron Thomas Reporter

Many teenagers smoke marijuana occasionally, some smoke every day, at home with friends and family because they want to be like everyone else and they use it to help relax.

“I started smoking on my birthday and I was trying to get lit so my sister and me hit her weed and I wanted it ever since then,” said a freshman at Horizon Science Academy.

“Every time I smoke after a while I start to feel hungry and sleepy,” she said.

She likes to smoke weed whenever somebody “blesses” her with free pot or when she’s just out having fun.

One thing that she worries about when smoking is it affecting her lungs.

She doesn’t really think that she is addicted.

Everyone around her smokes, her friends and her family, so she says that she might as well too.

“I started smoking when my brother let me hit a blunt,” said a freshman at Jesup W. Scott High School.

She feels relaxed and settled after she smokes.

“When it wears off, I feel normal, like I don’t feel as relaxed as I did before,” she said.

She likes to smoke weed everyday.

She worries about her granny or the landlord walking in on her while she’s smoking.

She started smoking to see what it would feel like, but thinks she is addicted because she likes to smoke everyday.

Her cousins and brothers smoke around her, but she doesn’t think it affected her. She feels like she is more of a calm person now, she doesn’t really think heavy like she used to. She’s not as stressed either, so she likes it.

“I started smoking when my best friend let me try it,” said a sophomore at Bowsher High School..

Everytime he smokes, he feels relaxed and a little tired, but when it wears off he feels very easily annoyed.

He likes to smoke at least twice a week.

The only thing that he is worried about is whether he  will end up with a lung disease.

He started smoking because he wanted to be like everyone else. He knows that he’s not addicted.

Most of his friends smoke around him, but he doesn’t think that it affects him. He feels more relieved of all the stress.

Marijuana use among teens seems to be largely due to peer influence.  The teens do worry about health issues associated with smoking and they worry about getting caught, but they like to do it anyway.