By: Jasiah M. Nelums Reporter

Everyone has dreams and goals, everyone wants to make it in the world. Frasaiah (Zah) Golden, O’Shea (Young O) Maddox, and Tanaysia (Winter) Young are aspiring rappers in Toledo, Ohio.

Frasaiah Golden

Frasiaha Golden

Frasiaha Golden is an aspiring rapper attending Woodward High School.

Frasaiah J. Golden, 15,  is a Freshman at Calvin M. Woodward High School.  “I’ve always wanted to rap. But if that doesn’t work, football is my fallback.” said Golden.

He currently has seven songs uploaded on SoundCloud. “Trapin All Night” is the most listened to song he has out. You can find that song here:

You can contact Frasaiah on Snapchat: lilzah, Instagram: Zah Goldz and Facebook: Zah Gthree.

O’Shea Maddox

O'Shea Maddox is a young rapper attending Scott High School.

O’Shea Maddox is a young rapper attending Scott High School.

O’Shea Maddox, 15, is a freshman at Jesup W. Scott High School. He has two very popular songs out right now.

First, “Bout My Thousands”,, is a song he made freestyling to a beat created by another student who attends Scott, though he can make his own beats too. He also has a video called “Problems,” which is another popular song that is being shared on his Facebook: O’Shea Maddox.

Rapping isn’t as easy as it seems, a lot of work, money, and time go into getting a song written and recorded. “It takes a lot of time to make a song. First I write then, I record,” says Maddox. According to, it takes about 3 to 8 hours to make a 3 minute song. Which includes soundcheck, making the beats, and adding extra harmony.

Maddox says he is constantly going back to make sure everything is perfect with his track before he promotes it on his social media.

“Everyday I’ll sit on Facebook and SnapChat and promote my music. I’ll tag people and tell them to share and tag more people,” he says. “I also started a movement, SupportYungO and BoutMyThousands.”

You can contact him on Facebook and at his email:

Tanaysia Young

Tanaysia Young

Tanaysia Young is just getting started with her rapping career.

Tanaysia (Winter) Marie Young, 15, is also a freshman at Scott High School.  She just recently decided she want to start rapping.

She says “A girl I saw on Facebook inspired me. She was rapping about something she had went through, I had went through something similar and I just found an instrumental and started writing.”

She went live with her first freestyle, though she doesn’t have it recorded yet. J.Cole is an artist she listening to frequently, in the future she hopes to collaborate with him.

“As of right now, I’m trying to get a collar with O’Shea to get me started. I might have him make my beats. He is very good.”

You can contact her on Facebook: Snickers Marie or by email:

Many teens let a little fame get to their head. They let their grades slip and start changing their ways. Zah, O’Shea, and Winter are still in school, all with plans to graduate in 2020.