By: Nashay Bradford Reporter

Social media is the main attention grabber of our students’ and peers’ focus when school is going on.

Scrolling down Insta, FB, and Twitter can be so mesmerizing to teens, which can cause them to lose track and interest in their work. Worksheets can be a bore, so students look to social media for entertainment. One thing leads to another on social media and all of their focus is on that instead of what it’s supposed to be on. One thing leading to another also makes teens lose track of time, so all of the learning time in the end is wasted on non-educational purposes.

Social media distracts kids from their only reason for being in school. It can be educational, but in this situation, it’s used as entertainment. Social media is used as a way for teens to connect with the outside world and stay updated on the world and others around them.

“Being on your phone, period, causes distractions because when your teacher is continuously telling you to put your phone up, that makes more chaos and distractions to students also,” said Janeice Marshall, a junior at Scott.

Not only is social media distracting, but it can also ruin your life.

All it takes is one button for a single status to be updated into the world. Most importantly, it spreads news more quickly than wildfire spreading amongst trees. When something is uploaded on social media, it stays there forever because someone always ends up screenshotting or screen recording it.

“Whatever is on social media doesn’t go away whether you delete it or not. People screen record and screenshot, so when you think it’s gone it’s not. People are still talking about it,” said Dakota Bonds, a junior at Scott.

Although social media is mainly distracting and noneducational, it does have perks to it.

“Social media can be good for news around school and news around your neighborhood. It can sometimes be helpful and useful, but it is mainly distracting,” said Cedrion Williams, a sophomore at Scott.

You can use it for fan pages, to stay updated on what’s going on around your school, and on what events are coming up.

Be careful when using social media because not all the information put out is valid.