Peggy Cote

Peggy Cote loves Scott students.

Her biggest pet peeve is when students give up on themselves. But when they don’t, and push to succeed, it pushes her as well.

“My students encourage me to be better,” she told

Because of her drive and passion she was selected as Scott’s staff member of the month for October.

Mrs. Cote, a paraprofessional teacher, is  married and has three children. She says she’s petless at the present time. She is in her fourth year as a paraprofessional at Scott High School.

Mrs. Cote said that she always wanted to be a teacher, but never thought about  becoming a paraprofessional teacher, who acts as an assistant teacher.

“I started enjoying the students and never thought of changing my position after that,” she said.

One thing Mrs. Cote doesn’t like  is when students give up and don’t try. She thinks it’s important for students “to never give up and always try their best at everything they do.”

Mrs. Cote loves when students succeed, and enjoy and understand what they are doing. She believes she was selected staff member of the month because when a teacher was out recently she stepped up and made a big difference for the kids.

Melissa Avalos, a special education teacher at Scott, says Mrs. Cotes deserves the honor for taking responsibility for her students and helping them when their regular teacher was out.