Scott High School marching band.

The Scott band’s style is inspired by the acclaimed FAMU  band in Florida.


When Scott High School’s marching band takes to the field during halftime most people have no idea what it takes to get the band to that point.

The 40-member band is about all kinds of movement, sound, and people. There are routines, dancers, poms, flags, and instruments such as clarinets, trumpets, baritones, drums, saxophones, tubas, and many more. They come together to make one sound.

Have you ever heard the conductors say, “One band, one sound?”

As I was interviewing Scott Walter, the band director and Scott’s music teacher, I found out that Scott’s band’s style originated from the nationally known marching band at Florida Agriculture Mechanical University, also known as FAMU.

Robert Fletcher, assistant band director and a 2006 Scott graduate, comes up with dance routines for the band’s halftime performances. The band members pick the songs they play.

I asked Mr. Walter why the band was important to him.  “I enjoy it and it is my career,” Scott’s band director said.

If Mr. Walter could change anything with the band, he said it would be that band members show up and stay for the entire practice.

Mr. Walter pushes everybody to do their best in the band. When he gets ready to go on field trips he is very excited. He said if the band had more money it would go on more trips, but first it would buy new uniforms.

When the band competed in the TPS Battle of The Bands in September, most of the members were not nervous because Mr. Walter had them practice so much they felt like they had it in the bag. Mr. Walter also felt good about the Battle of The Bands.

The band’s hard work and confidence paid off. Scott High School’s marching band won this year’s battle of the bands, beating out the other high schools by receiving the most applause from the fans. This was a big accomplishment especially since the competition occurred at Rogers High School football stadium, and Scott didn’t have the home field advantage.

Everybody come out and support Scott’s marching band on Homecoming game night on Nov. 1 when the Bulldog’s play Rogers’ Rams.

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