Dr. Romules Durant, superintendent of Toledo Public Schools, recently visited Jesup W. Scott High School to meet the staff of in teacher Molli Maulucci’s journalism class.


TPS superintendent Romules Durant speaks to the LifeOfTheDogs staff.

We were honored to meet Dr. Durant as he walked through the classroom doors with a big smile on his face. He came to meet the staff and discuss the launch of Scott’s first news website, but ended up talking to us about the  journey he took to become superintendent of TPS Schools.

As he explained in his story, it was clear he had a hard road to overcome, but through perseverance and hard work he found a way to succeed.

He told the Scott students that he was raised in East Toledo and graduated from Waite High School. He let us know he was once just like us, a kid from a tough Toledo neighborhood.

When talking to Dr. Durant, he touched on a lot of important things, but what we’ll always remember is this comment: “Don’t let your weakness be your barrier to your accomplishment.”

What I and the other Scott students took from that was that to accomplish your dream, you need to be willing to do anything to reach that goal.

We asked him what motivated him, and Dr. Durant told us that we motivated him to be the best superintendent he could be because he loved and cared for us like he did for all TPS students.

Isn’t it nice to have some one in such a high position care and love you enough to try to make a difference in your life? Dr. Durant envisions a better life for the children of Toledo. Education is the key to a successful life, he said.

Dr. Durant said he could have left Toledo, but decided to stay to make a difference. When he spoke of that, I thought to myself of how everyone says they are going to leave Toledo and not come back. I plan to leave Toledo, but I hope to come back some day and bring back to my hometown what I’ve learned to make a difference in Toledo and make it a better place for people to live.

Dr. Durant’s visit inspired me to not be afraid to stand out and make a difference so that I can become the greatest person I can be.