Scott High School’s staff member of the month for September is Douglas Ensign.  He was selected for the honor by his fellow teachers and staff.

Douglas Ensign

Counselor Douglas Ensign is the September staff member of the month

Mr. Ensign is the one and only counselor for the Scott Bulldogs, and there are way too many students for one man to handle. But despite it all, he seems to get the job done.

Even though he is very busy, I was still able to chat with him. Let’s get started, shall we?

Mr. Ensign introduced himself as “Douglas” or “Ward” as he is called by friends and people who are close to him.

He’s 42 years of age and lives with a Dachshund named “Muddy.” She’s 4 years old.

Other than Muddy, he has two former students that he calls his “grandsons,” one is 28 and the other 23.

Mr. Ensign has worked at Scott for two years, but has worked for Toledo Public Schools for 16 years. He worked as a counselor at Rogers High School for nine years before coming to Scott. Before that, he was an art teacher. He also has an administrative degree, so that if he wanted to, he could be a principal.

Wakeso Peterson, parent coordinator and assistant athletic director at Scott, said Mr. Ensign is great with students.

“Mr. Ensign is very honorable, kind, and resourceful,” Mr. Peterson said, adding that he has helped him with projects in the past.

Richard Baldwin, a Scott senior, said: “Mr. Ensign is an alright guy and he has helped me with my senior check. He doesn’t get enough credit for what he does.”

I say that Mr. Ensign is an all-in-all good guy, who has helped many students . He does a lot for the students and the teachers at Scott. People really need to thanks him for what he does. I bet he would really appreciate that.

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