Protesters hold their hands up during a rally against oppression and injustice in downtown Lincoln, Neb.

By Charlvon Gaston
Special to

What is the world coming to?

CommentaryLine_125x38Palms up begging them not to shoot.

That’s not enough to save a life in our time.

Because somehow we are all linked to the crime.

We are a group that doesn’t even have much guidance.

So we were raised to believe you solve violence with violence.

What do you expect when our parents are neither here or there.

To even guide us in something like fear or prayer?

Definitely not fear of the streets because we run them.

But fear of God but we don’t even know him.

We struggle for attention and a moment in the spotlight.

What do you expect when our only form of protection from the dark is a candlelight?

Death or jail seems to be our only options.

Out of this world and were told we will never be forgotten.

But we already were the moment everybody decided to put it into their own hands.

Because all we do is fall like they planned, quicker than quicksand.

And while we fall they just laugh at how they got us.

Although it was very clever I must be honest.

They sit and watch while we tear ourselves apart,.

And when it’s all said and done they talk as if they really cared from the start.

But they actually didn’t and showed it from the very beginning.

I’m talking from the moment they started killing innocent children.

Who knows maybe I’m the next one to lose his life…

Then some guy walks free because he says I’m the one who started the fight?

When really I’m just a boy trying to find a way to become a man.

And the only thing stopping me is a guy who was given the name “the man”.

So I guess you can say it was set up for me to fail.

But I promise because of God I will find a way to prevail.

Charlvon Gaston is a student at Scott High School.