I have never seen the tension as high between light and dark skinned people.

I also do not care much for racism in our country. Just shut up and sit down, skin color is not anything but just that — skin color.

Commentary_Kalia_HarrisNo one has a right to say they are better than anyone else; no one is a single color anyways. Pigments in our skin can change darker or lighter, and it varies if you are exposed to sunlight or depending or what’s in your genes. Several things play a part in the color of your skin.

There are benefits to having darker skin. If your skin is of a darker shade, you are less likely to be burned by the sun’s rays. But,the lighter you are, for some reason, you are found to be more appealing to a large part of society.

Judging people by their skin color, I think, is childish and ridiculous.

Growing up is a big part of life, teenagers are told all the time.  But racism is increasing to a point in this country that I do not consider healthy. Several blows are being dealt to the black community, and more people are focusing on racism than ever before, even though all the facts aren’t actually known.

Killings are getting out of hand and I’m sure death tolls are starting to rise.

This country just needs to grow up before it falls apart. It is spreading from Ferguson to other states like wildfire. I’m curious to see how far this will go until it is all over. I mean, why keep doing something that you know is causing issues?

Problems that are created by such a simple thing as color are unnecessary. Why keep something like this around after so many years. Just stop.

All I can ask is that this country grows up and sees the errors of its ways. So eventually everyone will truly be equal and united as one.

That’s all I ask.