I don’t usually have a problem when people use the N-word, but if you’re referring to me, you better know me. If it’s one of my friends, I know our relationship, so I know it’s in a playful manner.

John-Garner_SigAnother reason the N-word doesn’t bother me is because it doesn’t have power over us like it used to. We say it like it’s just a word everyone says on a regular basis.

But not everyone says the N-word.

Some people think it’s disrespectful. I won’t say the N-word around them at all. You have to have respect for the people you are around. If I’m with my mom or in a public place, period, I wouldn’t say the N-word. I have respect for my mom and she doesn’t appreciate the N-word.

When I am in public, I don’t know how everyone feels about the N-word and I don’t want them to get the wrong idea about me.

I think other people should follow my standard. Don’t say the N-word around me if we don’t have a good relationship.  If someone is being racist when they are using the N-word, I will definitely have a problem with it.

Racism is not as big of a problem as it was in the past. Today, we can sit anywhere on the bus, go to any restaurant we want. Black people and white people are friends and interracial couples are getting married.

But, racism still exists.  For example, when I’m playing a game online a lot of people call me the N-Word. This just reminds me that racism does still exist.

This is my opinion. You can go around and ask other people why they like and don’t like the N-word. If you want to share your ideas about the N-word, contact me at