If you walk down the halls of Scott High School you might hear: “Man, you fried.”

Or: “That’s irri.”

urbandictory_200Or: “You gonna eat your pizza, or NAH.”

You might need the aid of an “urban dictionary” to fit in, to comprehend, or to communicate.

Teachers and parents, if you hear your students talking and you can’t understand a word

they are saying, here is the guide for you.

• “Fried” as in “You fried”– You’re acting crazy.

• “Irri” – Your irritating.

• “Or NAH”– Or not?/Are you going to get me some food, or not?

• “You’re petty”- Doing unnecessary things on purpose.

• “Movie”- same meaning as FTP.

• “FTP”- For The People — putting on a show/acting for an “audience.”

• “Smacked”- ugly/Or, meaning that the food was good/”That food smacked!”

• “You the real MVP”- You’re awesome for whatever you just did.

• “HML”- Hit My Line, simply means Call me/As in “Hit my line up sometimes.

• “Real live”- really, or letting someone know you are serious/”You real live irritating me man!”

• “Clout”- five minute fame or recognition/”Man it’s not about you, it’s about me! You just want

some clout.”

• “On my momma!” – swear, similar to “Swear to God.”

• “He so character!”- putting on a show

• “Fleek” – Perfect, on point.

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