Lunch is the favorite part of the day for most Scott High School students, but not all.

According to students I interviewed for this story, many liked the food, but many didn’t.

IMG950092Corn dogs and walking tacos were favorites, but “the nasty not-done fries” and the uncooked chicken were definitely not favorites.

Other common complaints were long lines, food not always fresh, and sometimes the cafeteria runs out of food before all students are served.

I’ll let Scott students speak for themselves. First the likes, starting with my big like:

ess1412612827138Emonee Gregory, sophomore – “I like the a la carte, where you can buy different kinds of chips and juices. ”

Ashley Stewart, junior – “What I like about café food is just the numerous choices we have.”

Taylor Haney, senior  – “I can tolerate the corn dogs and fries.”

John Garner, sophomore  – “The only thing I like are the walking tacos.”

Now the don’t likes, starting with me again:

Emonee Gregory, sophomore  – “Most of the time the food isn’t cooked through all the way. But I really don’t care for the chicken.”

Pierce Millhouse, junior – “The salads aren’t fresh and the pizzas are cold and dry.”

Ashley Stewart, junior – “We only have two lunch ladies available to ring our lunches up so the line waiting for lunch takes up our eating time.”

John Garner, sophomore – “Sometimes the food is dry, and we only get one slice of pizza.”

Taisha Johnson, sophomore – “I would like them to change the selection every other week.”

Taylor Haney, senior – “Either the salad is brown or the cheese on the pizza is cold.”

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