By: Taylor Haney Reporter

Ghetto black kids who don’t want to do anything with their lives… that’s the first thing people think when they hear the name “Scott High School,” right? Most of them probably, actually more than probably, think bad about our school. I know that before I came here, I did think bad about this school.Scott Perception Once I got here, I began to think differently. It isn’t the school, it’s how we are portrayed.

We are portrayed as that school that everyone thinks is ghetto. We rarely get a break. Currently, 1,272 students that live in this district get an out-of-district form to go to a different school most likely because of this portrayal.

I think every school has some form of a bad reputation, but we are always looked down upon. I’m so tired of the bigotry from the community and I think it’s time someone steps up and addresses it. That person is me.

The thought of us being treated differently really didn’t hit me until February 12th, 2015 at around 9:30 a.m. We, collectively as a school, lined up outside to watch Mayor Michael D. Collin’s hearse  carry him to Rosary Cathedral. As I was standing outside waving my flag, a police officer and I made eye contact. She looked up and down the row of people on the curb and just shook her head, giving us a vile look. I felt very disrespected because even when we do something for the community and show our support, there is some how a flaw in what we do.

I talked to a few locals in the area, to get an idea of how they felt about Scott High School. “When I hear the name Scott High School, I think about African-American students. It didn’t used to be that way. I am a Scott High School alum and there were only a handful of us,” said James Grant, 62.

We then talked about why Scott High School is used as a scapegoat for a lot of things. “Scott has had this reputation ever since I can remember. When Scott High School started to become predominantly African-American, we were always blamed for issues. Even when it didn’t involve us, we were somehow intertwined with the problem,”said Cliffy Hunter, who didn’t graduate from Scott, but knows its reputation.

The opinions that matter most are the opinions of the 1272 students that live in the area but go to a school out of district. I talked to one student who goes to Start High School, but lives in the Old West End. She’d rather remain anonymous. “ I heard that at Scott, you guys don’t do work. You also don’t learn enough at that school.That’s why you guys have eight class periods,” rather than seven like the other TPS High Schools.

I was flabbergasted when I heard her say this. I thought that her theory was absolutely ridiculous. We have an extra class period to help ensure our students pass state tests, do well on college entrance tests, Scott Realityor have the opportunity to take personal enrichment classes.  We have so many people and programs to help the students at Scott. It’s up to the students if they choose to utilize the resources or not.

The bias doesn’t appear to be limited to the immediate community. Have you ever noticed the coverage of sports for Toledo Public Schools? TPS schools are pretty well known, except for one, Scott High School.

Scott’s varsity boys’ basketball team did very well this season. We beat Rogers High School in overtime and won the City League Championship, the Division II sectional title and made it to the district finals. However, I notice when I watch Big Board Friday or anything about high school sports in general on the WTOL Toledo News Station, we get very little coverage. I see all other Toledo Public Schools included, such as Rogers or Bowsher High School. I even see schools that I haven’t heard of, such as Van Wert.

I called  the news station to ask if personal views were reflected in the decision to air highlights. I was disconnected from the phone three times.

Not all media outlets appear to have a bias against us.  Scott High School does recognize those who have treated us fairly from the beginning including The Toledo Blade and BCSN.

Two Toledo Blade reporters that have taken the time to experience Scott High School from the inside are Keith Burris and Nolan Rosenkrans.  Both wrote honest and accurate articles about the life of the dogs.

From first hand experience, I think Scott High School is a great school. There are so many people here willing to help  with whatever students need. Whenever people ask me what school I go to, and I tell them, they frown.  I just wish people would give us a chance and stop judging without first hand knowledge of the truth. I’m proud to say I’ll be graduating from Scott High School in 2015. No one will ever take that from me.

Once a Bulldog, Always a Bulldog!!