By: Taylor Haney Reporter

Photo courtesy of JP Dynasty

Photo courtesy of JP Dynasty

When did a cellular or electronic device become necessary at the dinner table?

Cellular devices affect your ability to communicate with others. In this day and age, teenagers are attached to their phone screens and are worried about social media instead of having face-to-face conversations. If students weren’t so dependent on these devices, their focus and communication skills would improve.

According to the Mobile Mindset Study, three out of five Americans that have smartphone can’t go an hour without checking it.

“Even if it doesn’t serve any purpose to communicate, I couldn’t go without it,” said Aniya Murrell, a 17 year old student. It’s sad how dependent the mind is on having something to fiddle with just because it’s there. “I can’t even go to the bathroom without my phone, like, what am I supposed to do just sit there.”

Yes! Sit there and just use the bathroom.

Lots of teens believe that their phone is such a necessity to their life. It’s also evident that parents are becoming like their children. They are just as attached to their phones as teenagers.  Though, hopefully, adults are using their phones productively.

Many professions require employees to have smart phones so they have constant access to email and internet.

Lisa Zilba, high school teacher and parent says, “It [smart phone] doesn’t affect my work ethic at all. In certain areas, it helps me.  For example, since we began the PARCC Testing, I can use our Google Calendar to keep track of the testing schedule from my phone.”

Not everyone believes that the world revolves around electronic devices.

“Not having a phone wouldn’t bother me any, other than making basic phone calls,” said Sidney Haney III. “I didn’t grow up with these gadgets that we have today, so I am not as dependent on it as the people of the younger generations are”.

It’s funny how he only has one use for a phone, and it doesn’t cause him any issue to go without it, whereas teenagers claim they would die without it.

Communication is very important to maintain a relationship with your family. Never should a phone or social media become more important than the time you spend with your family.

Look at it this way, phones are inanimate objects.  You shouldn’t feel any emotional attachment to them at all.  But, you never know when it will be the last time you see your family, so you shouldn’t take any conversation with them for granted.

Time spent talking to family at the dinner table should be cherished. It is time where you reflect over your day and just talk in general. Teens don’t realize that when they don’t communicate their feelings, good or bad, to their parents, they end up turning to social media to express themselves.  This can be dangerous.  A simple conversation can be worth more than you think.