By: Kobe Wright Reporter

Despite losing to Lorain High School the past few times they met, the Scott Bulldogs football team was stoked to get out there against Lorain Friday night in probably the most important game of the year for the Bulldogs.

Before the game I spoke to Shawn Jackson, captain of the Scott team.

I asked Shawn what he expected out of the Lorain football team. He told me “I heard they were big and that they were very good.”  He also said, “Even though Lorain is good I felt confident that the Bulldogs could pull it out.”

Going into the second half  Lorain led the game 13 to Scott’s 0, but Scott put up a fight. Lorain ended up with the win over the bulldogs 31 to 0 .

A senior linebacker for the Bulldogs, Derrick Wells, had a stellar day on defense leading the bulldogs with 11 tackles. Wells was followed  in tackles by seniors Shawn Jackson and Jay Wells, who both finished with 9 tackles — including a sack and forced fumble.

On offense, the Scott Bulldogs were led by junior running back Omar Johnson, who finished with three catches and also rushed for a barrage of 60+ yards. Omar had a great game. He came out with a couple bumps and bruises, but I know it was worth it for him.

After the game I spoke once again with senior defensive end Shawn Jackson. I asked Shawn what the team learned from this loss.

“I felt the team learned a little bit of discipline, but they need much more. Discipline starts in practice so in order to learn more and get better, players must come to practice ready to work hard and get better,” said Johnson.

And how does coach Michael Daniels feel about the game?

“They played well, but made a lot of mental errors. They played hard, fought hard, but we could have done better.”