By: Kobe Wright Reporter

This week’s athlete of the week is soccer phenom Alex Peralta. Alex is a foriegn exchange student from Spain. He is not only a stellar athlete, but he also leads by example in the classroom.


Photo courtesy of JP Dynasty.

Alex,17, plays center midfield for the Scott Bulldogs and has helped the Bulldogs win five games so far this year.

“My teammates and friends have accepted me as a part of the bulldog community,” Alex told

Alex’s favorite player is Andrés Iniesta, who plays for professional soccer team Barcelona FC in Spain.

Alex’s teachers speak well of him saying he’s a great student, pays attention in class, and has good grades. Alex is definitely a student first and an athlete second.

Alex’s teammates look up to him on the soccer field. They love the fact that he comes from a country where soccer is such a well known sport, and he can tell them all about the game. If a teammate needs help learning a new move, Alex loves to be the one to teach it.

“He’s hard working, and pushes himself,” said Andre Matthews, a senior forward on the team. “He’s scored the most goals.”

Alex is a leader in many ways and that’s why he’s the Bulldogs athlete of the week.