By: Romesha Ensley Reporter

Being a cheerleader is about more than just having fun and looking good  in front of the student body. And, being in charge of the Scott Bulldog cheer leading team isn’t easy either.

Blake Cheer“Sometimes I don’t even feel like I’m the captain, it can be stressful because everyone looks at you when they have a question, but I’m not always able to answer everyone’s questions because I’m not the coach,” said Blake Minter. “I’m just the captain.”

As a cheerleader you have to take on a lot of responsibilities. You have to memorize the cheers and be able to help others learn them. You have to keep a composed attitude with beginners who don’t catch on as fast. Teaching new cheerleaders can be really frustrating because some don’t take the team as seriously as others. It’s hard to keep them focused.

Keeping a positive attitude is important because you may have to cancel plans or rearrange what you’re doing due to practice or night games. You may want to go shopping or to the movies, but you remember you have to cheer at a game the next day. Cheering, or any sport you do, requires athletes to be very disciplined so they don’t waste their time or anyone else’s either.

People would assume cheer leading is all fun and games, but Captain Minter thinks otherwise. To be a cheerleader you have to know what you’re getting yourself into. Some do it just to look cute, others do it because they simply “love” it.