By: Andre Matthews Reporter

On October 12th 2015, Bob Bob Wieland 022Wieland, 69, told his story at Scott High School. A double amputee used his life as a way to motivate not only students but faculty also. His inspiring words filled the room and touched the hearts of many. A man of misfortune turn dreams into actions even with all odds against him. Bob Wieland, from professional baseball player to vietnam veteran to record holder to actor to motivational speaker. These transitions are things many dream of, but only a few accomplish, especially without legs.

Wieland was an up and coming baseball player and had multiple teams scouting him, but going to the military put an end to his play time.

Bob Wieland featureInstead of being drafted by the Phillies, Mets or Twins, Wieland was drafted into the United States Army and sent to Vietnam.This is where his life changed. His unit was ambushed and upon hearing a fellow soldier calling out for help he raced over to assist and stepped on a landmine causing both legs to disappear from where he stood.  “My Legs went one direction, my life in another.”

Although he lost his legs, his life was still there. His determination to work harder caused him to continue to live. Doctors underestimated him, but Wieland proved he could be anything he wanted. He worked hard everyday doing simple tasks like breathing to the the most difficult bench presses. At one point he says could not lift a single pound weight but he didn’t let that stop him. He kept pushing himself harder and harder every day.  Wieland eventually set a world record for the bench press at 507 lbs.

Setting the world record was only one of Wieland’s many athletic accomplishments.  He has also competed in many marathons including the LA marathon and the NYC marathon.  He completed the Ironman Triathlon in Kona, Hawaii without a wheelchair and he walked from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. on his arms. He may have come in last place, but his story caused him to always come in first.

Wieland is still not done living. He has taken on the role of being an inspiration to people around him by becoming a motivational speaker. He takes the time out of his day and travels to visit places like schools and jails.

He has also written a book about his life entitled “One Step at a Time” and is beginning the process of turning his life story into a movie.