By: Maudie Smith Reporter

Emojis have been the go-to method for extreme texters in this generation and it’s going way too overboard, if you ask me. People are making sentences with them and replacing huge chunks of dialogue and it’s making texting a whole new language that you need a PhD in emoji literature to understand what someone is saying.

It’s alright if you use one or two emojis. You’re really pushing it with three. If you use nothing but emojis, that’s taking it to a whole new galaxy.  You have gone too far. This is especially true because some emojis now have multiple meanings.

Some emoji’s are a little too X-rated and will take an innocent conversation too a whole new level of indecency with just a simple tap on your screen. They turned fruits and vegetables into sexual symbols that I simply can’t understand. I seriously wonder how one ties in with the other and I do not care how a simple peach can symbolize a butt.  It’s quite disturbing that people spend that much time trying to figure out what emoji is similar to a body part so they can pervert it.  It just shows how immature some people are.

My god sister is one who uses so many emojis that she needed to download the emoji app that contains emoji2over 100 different ones. I have the app as well, but I don’t use it that much. I just use it when I’m trying to send simple things like the thumbs up emoji just to show someone that I’m busy, but what they have told me is a good thing or the thumbs down emoji to say the opposite.

My god sister is the type of person who uses an emoji with every sentence and sometimes with every word depending on what she is feeling at that moment. Sometimes when I talk to her and she uses a lot of emojis, I’ll have to ask her if she could say that using actual words.

Knowing that this article won’t make you stop using emojis I just hope that you slow down with using too many and try not to over do it because everybody doesn’t understand what you’re trying to say.