By: Romesha Ensley Reporter

Breakups and makeups are all a part of life, but what happens when none of the new can replace the old? People break up for several reasons. They may be minor, they may be major, but that all depends on the couple. Most teens who are in high school are known for having a certain ex they go back to.

Names Have Been Changed To Protect The Identity Of These TPS Students.

Taylor, 16, talks about how she has been dealing with an ex of hers for quite some time. They break up a lot, but they always make their way back to each other. Now she has attempted to move on, temporarily, but her new friend just can’t compare to her ex.

“My new friend… He’s moving too fast, acting like he’s falling in love. I don’t want all that because eventually me and my ex will be back together. I most definitely know who I want to be with in the long run.”

old new1Taylor feels like her ex is the perfect one for her. They get along very well, she’s very comfortable with his family, and he never tells her no. It just wouldn’t feel right starting over and expecting the same feeling with someone else.

Mella, 15, tells how she had a similar experience, with her ex and a new friend of hers. She and her ex were going good for a while until he transferred to a TPS School.

“He was the new, cute, smart basketball player. Everybody was all over him and he let that get to him, so we broke up, but we both know neither of us are going anywhere.”

Mella is confident she and her ex will be back together because they’ve been together so long. She talks to a new boy and admires him, but some traits she just can’t get used to.

“Maybe because I’m so used to my ex… The new boy is so laid back, that’s no fun. There’s no life in this situation. It’s boring, then when I see my ex, all the excitement comes back. I know that’s not fair to the new boy, but I just can’t completely leave my ex alone because we have too much history.”

Mella and Taylor are dealing with similar situations. They are confused. They don’t know whether to move on completely or if they should keep returning to the past.

I think a lot of teens deal with these type of situations because they are young and their feelings may be all over the place. This isn’t just for girls. Some boys have stories to tell as well.

Edward, 16, talks about how he has three girls he “bounces around” with. He doesn’t know who to chose because they all satisfy him in some way, shape or form.

“One girl been around for as long as I can remember, the other been around kind of long too… The third one is kinda new, but she’s literally everything anybody could ever ask for. My only problem is I don’t want to choose the wrong one, and the other two be gone for good.”

Edward is stuck. He is attached to all of the girls, he doesn’t know what to do. Edward doesn’t want to hurt himself, or them. He will have to chose quickly before it is too late.

Relationships are meant for two people to be happy and eventually be in love. When your feelings are all over the place it may be hard to continue dating; this is why some people take breaks to see what they want. If they can’t figure it out, they’ll usually chose the one they love over the one they like. Love is very strong feeling. It is important to be careful.