By: Maudie Smith Reporter

The 14th of February is the dread of every guy in a relationship because they don’t understand why they have to buy their girlfriend gifts and treat them to expensive dinners. They don’t understand the whole romance idea of Valentine’s day.

What most don’t know is why we celebrate Valentine’s day. Do you know? I’ll give you a hint, who was St. Valentine and what was his great sacrifice? If you still don’t know, keep reading and discovering the eye opening story of the making of Valentine’s Day.

valentineWe celebrate it because a Christian priest sacrificed his life so that love struck soldiers could get married.  At this point in Roman history, Emperor Claudius outlawed marriage for all his soldiers in the Roman army. The Emperor had a theory that married soldiers wouldn’t fight as well because they may become distracted by the heartbreak it would cause their wives if they died on the battlefield.

St.Valentine decided that it was unfair, so he married them in secret.  Unfortunately for St. Valentine, it was deadly to disobey the emperor’s rules.  The Emperor found out what St.Valentine had done and had him executed for his dedication to true love.  St. Valentine was beaten and beheaded on February 14, 270.

His commitment to marriage and subsequent sacrifice is the reason for this day that makes some men cry.  This Sunday is that day. Wishing all the men good luck on finding the perfect gift that will make St.Valentine and the girl he loves happy.