By: Romesha Ensley Reporter

Today was the semi-finals. Four of us had fights today. We were all ready andromeshaboxpair anxious to fight. There were two sessions for the fights: a morning session and an afternoon session. I fought in the morning session, along with Otha Jones, a member of my team. I was scheduled to fight bout 13, while he was scheduled to fight bout 14.

The fights started and the vibes were great. Neither of us were nervous. We both worked hard for this and knew we were going to win.

It was bout 10, and it was time for us to get stretched and warmed up. I went to the glove table with two of my coaches, Ron and Roshawn, to get my gloves and headgear. At the glove table, I saw my opponent, Aiyonan Williams. My coach Roshawn asked if that’s who’d I’d be fighting because she looked so little. I said “no.” So we wished her good luck and went on about our day.

Come to find out, I was fighting her. She was short, only about 5’4”. I am 5’6” and with my boxing shoes on, I’m even taller; I was towering over this girl. This made my coaches give me a certain plan. The plan was to stay long and not let her near me or my face. Simply score and move. Don’t try to do too much and tire myself out. We would worry about getting TKOs in the finals.

The first round started and I did exactly what my coaches told me to do. I used my arm length to the full extent. Every time she tried to rush me or come close, I stayed defensively responsible and moved out of the way and went back to scoring. I did this for the 1st and 2nd round of the fight.

In the corner leading to the third round, I didn’t feel tired at all. My coaches told me to “scratch hard and bite down” so that’s what I did. The bell for the 3rd round rang, and I came out in a full sprint across the ring before she could have time to gather herself. When I was close enough to punch her, I threw the hardest body shot I could’ve ever thrown. I was no longer boxing and staying long, I was now “inside fighting” giving her two 8-counts.

My opponent fought a good fight, but I won this fight with a unanimous decision, winning all three rounds. This put me in the finals. Right after me, Otha fought. He won with a unanimous decision as well. We were both in the finals.