By: Isaiah Davis Reporter

Racism has been going on for a very long time. It is something that has changed but is still in existence. racism1People are still being judged and treated differently because of their skin color. There is suppose to be equality in America, but many times people are still treated differently based on their skin color.

Even law enforcement handles people differently depending on their color, even though everyone is suppose to be equal. The recent situation in Oregon is a good example. If the group of protesters were black, I doubt law enforcement would allow them to take over federal land without moving in and arresting them. It is even possible that more people would have been shot or killed.

Black men are being targeted by some police officers. They are automatically judged by their color and treated like animals — like Micheal Brown, the young unarmed black teenager shot and killed by police in Ferguson, Missouri.

Micheal Brown could have been more compliant, but the police officer over reacted and took his  life, which was not necessary. We’ve seen the same thing happen in Baltimore, New York, and Chicago, when police shot a 17 year old teenager 16 times for carrying a knife.

Racism is everywhere, not just with blacks. When some see Middle Eastern people with a suitcase, they get scared . When some see a group of young black males, they automatically think there is going to be trouble.

This is racism.