By: Isaiah Davis Reporter

When the word addiction is thrown out there, people usually think of drugs, but drugs are not the only things that can be addictive. Cell phones are one of the biggest addictions that teens have today.

Looking around and seeing people on their cell phones is nothing out of the ordinary. It is not unusual to see someone taking a picture or playing a game on their phone. The majority of teens have a smartphone and they are on it a big portion of the time.

Cell phones are suppose to assist you in a positive way, but they can also be harmful.  Just think about all the things someone could be missing out on because they are on their cell phone. Technology is crippling us, especially teens. 

phone addition2Technology is stopping us from actually thinking and working. There are so many sites that you can use to look up the answers to assignments that it is crazy. This wasn’t always the case.  Students didn’t always have that access.

In addition, people are too worried about missing out on something on social media that they aren’t paying attention in class. Everyday I see kids Snapchatting or on Facebook while the teacher is teaching. Just imagine what they are missing out on because of their excessive use of their phone.

Maybe there is something we can do to prevent this from happening. Technology has evolved enough to where we could actually do the majority of our work on computers.  If students were engaged in educational use of technology, maybe they would be less tempted to pull out their phones.  Or, maybe the phone policy should be enforced more so that we can not have them out while we are suppose to be doing work.