Meet Our Current Staff

Jalasia Jenkins
Staff Writer 

I’m Jalasia Jenkins. I’m just the typical, unordinary, 15 year old freshman introvert. I’m an unpublished author and I currently write on the website call Wattpad, which is a website for amateur writers. My hobbies are reading, writing, and eating ice, in that exact order. I’m very shy and quirky, but I’m also a very determined writer.

Dakota Bonds

Wassup its Kota Boo, the loud and quiet one. Don’t ask me how that’s possible, I don’t have time for dumb questions. Hardworking, but oh so lazy. Striving to be the best at whatever I choose to do, so it’s best to get out of my way. Toledo born and Raleigh raised. Married parents, four sisters, all D’s, all irritating, but only I can say that, so don’t try it. You either really like Dakota, or you really don’t. Either way, I’m me.

NaShay Bradford

It’s Suga Shay from the way and how are you doing today? I’m a champion, my baby, and I’m also very smart. I like food more than I like people. I’ve been a few places, let me start. Utah, South and North Carolina, Georgia, Michigan, Kentucky Colorada, oh, and Florida. I am a Junior Olympic Boxer and a 2-time National Champion. My record is 34-1 and I am also on Team USA. I have a perfect American and British accent. Ima Champion, Baby!

Jakayla Hawkins

Hey, I’m Jakayla Hawkins and I attend Scott High School. My mom and dad started calling me Kayla when I was younger, now everyone calls me that. I didn’t like to write until I joined journalism. I always hated writing. If you don’t know me, you might think I’m the quietest person on Earth. I am not a sports person either. Everyone says I should play some type of sport, but I don’t think so. Some people say I look like I play basketball, which is weird. My main focus right now is my education. Everything else can wait.

Trayvon King

Hey, my name is Trayvon and I was born and raised in Toledo. I love taking pictures, I have a photography page on Instagram that I just started. I also like to travel a lot. I have been to Canada, the Bahamas, and I’m going to Germany to visit family when I graduate. I don’t talk much, but I’m not shy. I play rugby, soccer, football and other sports. I’m a very nice person and I really love just helping out other people.  

Janeice Marshall

My name is Janeice Marshall. When I was a child, I always liked to argue, so I decided that my career choice would be a lawyer. I will enjoy being a lawyer because it will give me the opportunity to help others. Lawyers are in a unique position to help individuals and organizations with their legal problems and further the public good. I, personally, think I am good at arguing. I can make my point on either side of a story to help people or to argue my point against them. I want to help people get their money back in court because I would love to win my money back if I was a client. I will also be a great lawyer because I have been involved in different court situations and my judge was willing to help get me on the right path after I have been involved with previous problems in court.

Cedrion Williams

It’s BC from the T, where we fight for a living. I am a 16 year-old Scott student that has huge goals in life. One day, I want to be an entrepreneur of a big business. My dream is to be a successful businessman that owns several business across the world. I know one day I will live my dreams as a millionaire. I might be at the bottom right now, but don’t sleep on me because I’m coming.

Juanita Brown

Juanita BrownFirst off my name is Juanita C Brown. My favorite color is blue, it can be any kind of blue and I would love it just as long as it’s not mixed with anything else. I enjoy doing hair , writing ,  crossword puzzles , playing cards , and sleeping. I am a very emotional person , my mood changes just like the blink of an eye. I don’t know why I do that it just happens. I have a bad attitude problem and I don’t being told what to do by another kid (that’s around my age).

I am a active person most of the time. I am in the band , on the track team , a Mid – City Lions cheerleading coach , and I’m going to try out for step team.I love being apart of things , I like feeling like I have another family.  When I’m not being active I am sitting down doing hair , playing cards , or doing crossword puzzles. If I’m not doing my normal things I’m sleeping, or on my phone. Now that school started I don’t have time for my phone but in the summer-time I did.

I am not like your typical kid. I don’t do things normal kids do , I don’t act the same or ,  think / react the same way as others. I am very different. By saying that , I don’t like being compared to anyone because we aren’t the same. When I get compared to someone it makes me very upset , or it pushes me down.

Last but not least about me is,  I DO NOT LIKE PEOPLE TOUCHING ME OR MY THINGS ! I hate when people touch me. I am not the touchy feely type. I also HATE BEING YELLED AT. I feel disrespected when I get yelled at and that’s when I get offensive or when I start being disrespectful.I am not the gossping type but,  I don’t like when people do it to others. I don’t get along with a lot of people because they say I’m mean , stuck up , and mostly people give me bad vibes. I am a very chill laid back person. If I was you I would want to get to know me. If you have any questions contact me @