About LifeOfTheDogs.com

LifeOfTheDogs.com is your digital newspaper

LifeOfTheDogs.com made its debut as Scott High School’s digital student newspaper on Friday, Oct. 10, 2014.

Sponsored by The Blade, LifeOfTheDogs.com is being produced under the guidance of Molli Maulucci, a high school English teacher, and Dave Murray, The Blade’s managing editor.

The staff of LifeOfTheDogs.com now totals 10 student journalists, who are reporters, photographers, and videographers.

If you are a Scott student and want to join this effort, stop by Room 2206 and talk to Mrs. Maulucci about what you want to contribute. We need columnists, movie, music, and video-game reviewers, and anything else students would be interested in reading.

Soon you’ll be able to follow LifeOfTheDogs.com on Facebook and Twitter.